Sir Francis Barry 1883-1970


Sir Claude Francis Barry is an enigma: the most basic facts of his life are tinged with uncertainty. For thirty years he was known as Claude, until suddenly, in middle age, he adopted his second name of Francis. Though his family was extremely rich, he died in apparent poverty. A bon viveur he was also a dedicated artist. While avowing pacifism, he defended fascist despots.

Sir Francis Barry
For such an extravagant character, Francis Barry left very little evidence of his life. Virtually abandoned by his parents, he abandoned his own family in turn. His descendants know little about him. The few friends from his youth are now dead. Those who knew him in later life describe a tall, shy, eccentric old man. Chronology>>

Moon Behind Clouds

ImageMoon Behind Clouds was printed in 1999 for Fine Art Promotions Limited by Westerham Press and was recently exhibited at their 50th Anniversary party held at the Wallace Collection in London on the 17th of October 2001. Copies of this important First Edition are available at £25.00, which includes postage worldwide.

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